Practicing Theology

Course Overview

Facilitator Guide

Welcome to the facilitator’s guide for this course on “practicing theology” 

This guide will explain how the modules work and allow you to schedule a 1-1 session with IML staff if you need further assistance.  

Start by watching this video and then navigate through the individual screenshots and information. If that doesn’t answer it, schedule a 1-1 zoom call.


This 12-week course is broken down into six two-week units.

During the first week of each unit, work through the pre-gathering lessons individually. (Days 1-6)

    • At the end of the first week, come together with your group for the gathering lessons. (Day 7)
    • After your group session, take some time for post-gathering reflections throughout week 2. (Days 8-13)
    • Start week 3 by repeating the next unit’s pre-course work (Days 14-20)
    • Gather with your group at the end of week 3 (Day 21)
    • Continue in week 4 by taking some time for post-gathering reflections (Days 22-27).

This is a hypothetical schedule, you should adjust your flow to fit the needs of your group.



Using The Module

The course is built in a responsive online interface. The flow of each lesson is intuitive and the content will drive you forward into each activity. There will be some combination of reading, teaching videos, questions, and reflections that will comprise of the essence of the course.

To move about the module you can simply click on the next element in the lesson and when completed with the lesson you can click on the “continue” button that will bring you to the next lesson.

The course is 6 units long. Each unit has multiple sections (introduction, pre-gathering, gathering, and post-gathering). Each section is comprised of one or more lessons.

In the picture, this is an example of the menu from Unit 1. Here you can see the sections and each lesson within the section. As a reminder, the introduction and pre-gathering sections are to be done by individuals before the gathering. The gathering sections are all done together. Lastly, the post-gathering section is to be done after the group gathering. 

Feel free to adapt your approach to fit your group’s needs.


How Long Will this Take?

Each lesson is loaded with various elements including videos, readings, and reflection segments. While there are suggested times for each section, think of them as loose guidelines rather than strict rules. Feel free to take the time you need to absorb all the info and move at a pace that works best for you.

This course is all about flexibility and focusing on what matters most to you and your group. If certain questions or sections catch your interest more, feel free to spend more time there. The aim is for you to get the most out of this learning experience, and we’re here to support you all the way through.

The Look and Feel

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Schedule a video call to get further guidance on leading the course as a facilitator.